Special Training Program to Enhance Job Opportunity in JAPAN!

The purpose of this training program is to develop IT Engineers to work in Japanese companies with the skillset of Japanese Language, IT skills (including ITEE) and Japanese business manner. ITEE (FE) certified personnel will get preference. This training program is organized by JICA and Bangladesh Computer Council (BCC).

  • Duration: 3 Month (From November 2017)
  • Course Fee: Free
  • Application Deadline: 07 September 2017

For further information, please visit:
"B-JET(Bangladesh Japan IT Engineer Training Program)" https://www.facebook.com/bjet.org/


НЕЕ Exam Registration Notice

IT Engineers Exam (ITEE) for IT related students, graduates and professionals will be held at Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi and Khulna on 29 October 2017. This is an international exam, administered by Government of Japan and adopted by Government of Bangladesh. The exam is recognized as the national level exam to benchmark the quality of ICT graduates, professionals & users to enhance the job opportunity both locally and internationally. Exam registration is ongoing now and will continue till 30 September 2017. For more information, please visit: www.bditec.gov.bd